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I've combined my blogs, just look at the last post, over at Alchemy of Clay. Trying to have a life outside blogland. Not sure it's going to work....

Thursday, March 19, 2015 in blogland

I'm going to be merging my 3 blogs, so will only post about the wonderful area around Black Mountain NC once a week...over on my other blog HERE.   I've posted 733 posts on this blog Living in Black Mountain, and many have more than a couple of pictures in them.

I'll also be having weekly ancestry posts.
And weekly pottery posts.
And musings about events in my life...posts.

I simply need to spend less time in front of this screen.
I'll miss you.  But this is the easiest way I can figure out how to stay in touch with those of you who I've gotten to know here.  And I can still read your blogs and make comments every once in a while.

Please follow me over at Alchemy of Clay.
Thanks for your friendship,

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  1. I know what you mean - blogging is very time consuming!


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