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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The First

Clockwise from top left, View from Blue Ridge Parkway, Snow going into Montreat, Light tree Lake Tomahawk, View from BMCA Clay Studio, State Street in downtown Black Mountain (copyright Barbara Rogers)

Rabbit Rabbit...which is supposed to mean something for good luck.  I may not know the tradition, but I'm a tradition junkie already, borrowing many other people's traditions whenever I am so inclined.  Native Americans, Mexicans, Irish, Celts, Norse, Romans, Greeks, Egyptian, Jews, Christians, Pagans, North Carolinians and so on.

Here is our first blog posting of one picture of Western North Carolina, around Black Mountain.  I cheated and made a collage.  I'll try harder to meet my own discipline.  I'm really enjoying browsing through my photo collection to see what to share here.

Hope you'll enjoy this.


  1. I'm excited about your new blog Barbara! I can't wait to see all the beautiful scenery there.

    1. Oh goodie, you're my first follower! Maybe I should give you a prize. Want a cat? Kidding!


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