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This header photo is my Christmas/Solstice present to myself - photo by Stacy Redmon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sunday from one end to another

 I started out the day brewing coffee for the church people to drink after the service. I like splitting up the duties in which I do prep work, and a friend does cleanup.

 Then in the evening, I went to a Yule ritual in Asheville.  It was fun seeing decorations there.

 Even plastic greenery looks pretty when the light hits it.

 Their love and peace tree was pretty too.

This was before the Yule ritual, where the Holly and the Ivy met with the Oak king and the Sun returned...very nicely dramatized, and included some participation by those who attended.

Quote for today:
As a human being living on earth, it is important to learn to ground yourself in relation to your earth mother.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Black Mountain Center for the Arts pottery show

Regina's Trois Poissons with a bit of live plant growing also

Pat Levi's Three vase shapes

 Pat Levi's bird apartments
 Susan has a tree of honor...

Some student's works are for sale in the hallway.  All sales have 50% of proceeds supporting the Center for the Arts.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Big Windy has houses on it

 Old Sol shines through the clouds, and it's above freezing, however not much of the snow along the parking lot has melted.  That white warehouse in the distance is the Ingles Grocery warehouse.

The reason I took this picture is I located at least 3 snow covered roofs through the trees along the side of the mountain facing me.  Not really easy to see, but I dare say they will remain hiding after the snow melts finally on Friday when it's due to rain.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Didn't rain, didn't melt, now no sun either

This snow was ok to plow the first day, but instead of rain and melting yesterday, most of it became a 6 inch crusty ice.  I spiked it apart on the car hood and windshield (using the edge of the blade on the snow removing brush. )The sun was out at noon, and so some kind of melted.

 The parking lot where Rite Aid and Ingles Grocery are located.

 The geese were fluttering about and squawking in the water as I rolled by.

 No plowing at the Lakeview Center. Couldn't even find a place to pull over to take photos, so I slowly crept along the road and had the window down.  Thankfully nobody came along either way!

 Driving up to the dam, I saw a family of sledders about to go down the slope on the other side of the dam.

This was full of kids yesterday, but looks as if there's still plenty of snow on it.

Though our driveway was plowed, a big pile of this ice was left in front of all the cars.  After a couple of tries, I finally got over it onto dry pavement.

After my little jaunt about to see the snow in town, I came to the intersection of Old US 70 and Blue Ridge Rd.  The people on Blue Ridge have a stop, but not on Old 70...where I was.  A woman in a white SUV didn't act like she even saw me, just zoomed up the hill of Blue Ridge Rd, and fortunately I'd slowed down to make that turn...and said a few words to her as she went by.  The funny thing was, she was coming to visit the woman in the apartment next to mine, so she met me in the parking lot after we'd both parked, and she admitted she hadn't seen me at all.  (That was among the things I told her back as well as "Hey, you had a stop sign.")  All was well.  But I doubt that she'll slow down any.  Some people just zoom through life.

Today's quote:
The unrestricted competition so commonly advocated does not leave us the survival of the fittest. The unscrupulous succeed best in accumulating wealth. -Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th US president (1822-1893)

Monday, December 10, 2018

Blue Birds!

I don't think any of my phone camera pictures will show them.  They were all puffed up to keep warm, sitting on snow laden branches...then flying horizontally to the next branch, three pretty much together.

Well, meditating on snow falling has ended for now.  The temperature is rising outside, so soon we'll have slush.

 Their pretty blue coats don't show with this enlargement.

 Hard to believe these are color photos.

There are actually 2 in this shot...go down the trunk from the easily seen one, and look for the orange/white breast of the second.

 Perhaps this shows a bit of the blue back, which is so vivid when in sunlight.

 At least the snowy roof gives good silhouettes!

Good morning world

Through the windows...snow is falling again, it had stopped before dark, and some melted even.  But as my day starts, its coming down steadily, though in small flakes, more the damp kind that falls like rain.  But we don't have sleet yet.

I loved seeing people sharing how their families were sledding (or sliding on cardboard) down hills near their homes yesterday.  I don't have those photos, because I'm stuck in the apartment.

 Photo by Black Mountain News 12.9.18

 Photo by Black Mountain News 12.9.18

 Looking downhill I can see car tracks in the snow turning the corner

 Snowing, looking over the building downhill from me, there's no view of mountains in distance today.

 Through the front door's storm window, my car is barely visible on far left (below the one that is visible across the street) behind the wall and a signpost.

Yesterday there was enough wind that snow didn't accumulate for long on the branches.  Today it's very still at 8:30 am.

It's due to get warmer, and sleet and rain, called a wintry mix is the forecast.  That's great, because it means we won't have to shovel to clear paths.  I see one (at least) vehicle has come up our driveway into the parking lot.  And there are also tracks on Blue Ridge Road, a steep hill I can see just partway through my windows. Of course for a while it will be slick out there.

Can't see the interstate through the snow.  Can't see even the street lights at the foot of the hill.   And the mountains behind the trees have been obscured by falling snow for most of 2 days now.

Today's quote:
As a human being living on earth, it is important to learn to ground yourself in relation to your earth mother. (Daily Om)

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Still snowing in Back Mountain

I gave some glimpses of the beginning of this event on my other blog HERE.

My view out living room windows at 7 am Dec. 9, 2018.

 Same view at 7:34 am.
 And looking the other direction from living room...the steps are completely invisible except for the railing.

 From my bedroom, showing neighbor's balcony.

The bathroom window is iced and gives a glimpse of snow amounts.

When I posted on the other blog at 7 am, there was report of 8000 energy outages.  At 8:41 as I write this, the report in just Buncombe County is 18,000 without power.

Interestingly that may be the reason we are not seeing the weather channel at all at this time. (It was on until around 7:30 because I was channel surfing.) Or perhaps the local news and weather people meant more to those providing our cable services, than a national network which just arrived in our area to report on the storm.  I do wonder these days with how our news is controlled by mega-corporations.
Main intersection in Black Mountain, Dec 9, 2018 around 8 am, photo by Black Mountain News.

There's a ticking noise now as the snow falls, which means sleet is mixed in.  Yikes, that's going to give more ice on those trees, which usually break and cause power outages.  OK, I'm going to go meditate and not worry about all this for a while!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

First snow yesterday

Not very much.  Considering what's forecast for this weekend.

People are already talking about canceling church on Sunday.

Fortunately it warmed up about an hour later and everything melted on Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Music at the high school gym -turned potters market

 We enjoyed the music off an on during the day, from 10-4.

The crowd came in the upstairs doors starting at 10 am.

My friend Michelle had some nice hand formed pieces for vases or serving dishes.

 Late afternoon and almost nobody was coming through!

I was glad to see someone had an empty plate holder.

 I happily shared a booth with Cathy Babula, and here she's putting her little tree together...

 ...on which she hung delightful lace impressed ornaments.

She had 2 series of works on display...the newer bowls with various organic designs, and older pieces with glazes overlapping in greens and browns.

Tomorrow I'll show you some more of my memories of Marion NC on Dec. 1.