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Saturday, January 30, 2021

North Carolina, some waterfalls near me

I'm very fortunate to live in Western North Carolina. I can drive an hour or so to see lots of waterfalls. DuPont Forest is south of me...a N.C. Recreational Forest which means someone keeps the paths maintained, the restrooms clean (if they are open) and the trash receptacles emptied.

Actually, I've not hiked much so have not seen these falls posted above. But I have visited one nearby which looks a lot like the one Sepia Saturday shared this week.

It should be noted that these are natural falls, not those coming over a dam built by men.

Hooker Falls with a kayaker going over it, as flowing of The Little River.

Another view of Hooker Falls

Drive under "Bridal Falls" near Highlands, NC
There are several falls by this name.

Not far from Bridal Falls is "Dry Falls...which I posted about HERE. It's one you can walk under, but not necessarily stay dry.

North of my home is the upper falls at Linnville Falls.

And south of Black Mountain is Looking Glass Falls.

There are certainly more falls to explore.


  1. Hello,

    I love all the waterfalls, Hubby and I have visited most of these waterfalls during our trip to the NC mountains.
    Great photos. Take care, have a happy day!

  2. I hope that kayaker made it. I thought it was a joke photo, at first. Maybe you could try your hand at adding Bernie Sanders and his mittens to that kayak. HA!

  3. This post and the others on today's Sepia Saturday have made me realize just how many beautiful falls there are in the U.S. as well as other countries. The rock formations in NC are just outstanding, aren't they? They put me in mind of one of my fave films, The Last of the Mohicans (1992) which I know was filmed in NC. Thank you for the lovely tour of your state's falls!

  4. I love that these falls appear to be named for their unique characteristics. I enjoy small, soft waterfalls as much as the majestic ones like Niagara Falls and you have captured some lovely examples.

  5. One of my favorite things to do when I'm near a waterfall - especially one of the quieter, smaller ones - is to just sit there in the otherwise stillness and listen to the rush and tumble of the water. It's such a relaxing sound. :)

  6. The falls look so beautiful but I wouldn't like to be swept up in the torent of water

  7. Waterfalls are so magical. Even the smallest.

  8. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs of North Carolina - a state I know so little about.

  9. I think I've visited most of these falls. Having spent 30+ years on the Atlantic coast, waterfalls still have novelty for me. But as we sensible folk know, they are not without risk. Far too many foolish people climb to the top for a selfie only to learn first-hand why the laws of physics should never be ignored.


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