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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bird nesting

A "glued" nest according to H. on whose porch this family decided to raise their young.
Different than twigs.  But none of us recognize the bird.  (Sorry for out of focus, with my zoom probably still set for closeups)

During the Art in Bloom visit at H.'s house, he sat with visitors in his front yard frequently.

Every time someone had to go inside, passing right by that center piller where the nest was just under the roof, we appologized, kept low, and didn't look up.  Sometimes the bird stayed on nest, sometimes she/he flew away.  I spotted it flying a few times, and it didn't have the split tail of a swallow, though that had been my first guess seeing those long tail feathers.

Totally grey-black.  What a lovely little gift from nature.


  1. Did you ever find out what kind of bird it is? So cool.

    1. No, but people have been talking about tree swallows, which don't apparently have the typical split tail...I'm waiting for someone who knows birds!


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