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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday mornings

This pictures says it all.  On the aisle to your left, find eggs, tomato plants, jewelry, honey, pottery, various green produce, organic all...meats (refrigerated of course), cheesecakes, quiches which can be heated up (including gluten free), books and authors selling them, children's crafts with children selling them, and goat cheese, I am pretty sure.

And when you stand in this place, the music is right next to you.  Free to enjoy in the beautiful grounds of the Black Mountain Tailgate Market.  (Incidentally, the woman above in the cowgirl hat is really a motorcycle mama with a pocket dog she's carrying around.)

The other aisle has baked goods, roasted nuts, Dynamite coffee, organic cleaning products, soaps, chocolates, natural tinctures, hand woven goods, and probably a lot I've forgotten.

Directions to get here?  Off I-40 into Black Mountain, going north...past US-70 State street intersection, north another long block past a bank and the Baptist Church on your right, turn into various parking lots... and then walk into this lovely experience.

Bring your pocket-book or wallet.  These local people need to be supported by you!

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