When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Davidson Farm colors

Coming off Hwy 64, turning up 276 into Pisgah Forest, headed toward the Blue Ridge Parkway.

This rather moldy looking information sign tells about the family which originally lived on the land which had now become this highway.  There were 10 children.  The Biltmore estate purchased the land and kept farming it for a while, but it has been returning to forest for about 50 years.  There was just one path that indicated where this family had lived.

I was glad the river still retains the family name, and the road follows it up to the prettiest and easiest falls to see.

There were gorgeous gold trees all over the river valley, making it feel like I was traveling on a golden corridor.

And then my first view of Looking Glass Falls.  More of that lovely cascade tomorrow!


  1. The colours are spectacular. Even the bright yellow road marking doesn't look out of place in all those Autumnal shades.

  2. Nice post, B.!! Love that last photo with the waterfall: Really nice!!


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