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When I Was 69
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Little Switzerland's Used Bookstore

Sorry to have posted twice for today...my bad.  I am trying to get ahead because so much is happening before the middle of Nov...but I'm really spinning my wheels it seems.  Enjoy!

There's a used bookstore in Little Switzerland

Sorry for blur! Reading room in used bookstore Little Switzerland, NC

Lots of antique type things all around, see the chicken?

A small gallery with photographs of the area...and

knitted hats and scarves!

Across the street the Glassblower's hut
We did drive home on this route, and at the very end saw a group of motorcycles coming up it.  I would imagine they'd have more fun coming down, like we did.

The book store has a great gag out in the parking lot right under this sign. 

The diamondback!

This outdoor venue wasn't open for business on Wed in October.  Maybe on weekends however...
The bookstore has coffee for sale, a great porch to sit upon, and is next to a good restaurant, I hear.

And there are thousands of used books to browse through!  Room after room.
Even cute artifacts nestled among the books, I love Nefertti next to the ceramic cat and paper boxes.


  1. That looks like a neat place to visit. That Diamond Back is impressive!

  2. Hoe neat! I'll be up that way this coming summer and will have to check it out.


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