When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

With family in Florida

It's not like southern Black Mountain. It's just like itself...Florida. I'm in the central west area - Tampa, St. Petersburg to be exact.  And I'll be coming home by the time this gets posted anyway.  But I have a minute on this whirl-wind
visit, so will post some of the great photos that I have taken (ok, not so great, but attached to great memories and of course great relatives.)

After I looked at the above photo, I suggested that Will (in blue) open his eyes a bit more...and this is the result. My oldest son, Marty on the right, and his daughter Cayenne on the left.

So when Will and his sister admitted to both being aliens who could shape-shift (thus looking like this human person...) I kind of believed them!
They really are sweet kids, and blogger is playing around with the spacing and layout, which is driving me crazy.

They both tried to play with the cat...and you know how cats are...

Cat is black object lying on the tower. The cardboard robot behind (with square silver face and box for body and holding the broom handle) was part of some costume effort when my grandchildren were little.  The green bird on a wire is being flashed for the cat by my granddaughter, with little effect!

 My youngest son needed some new clothes, so we went to the Brandon Mall...and parked next to a Tesla. This is probably as close as we'll ever get to one!

 A 2 story merry-go-round looked like fun...but the bunny (?) hanging from the side was a bit scary.

I liked the Manatee fountain.

Not my style...and fortunately my son found almost everything he needed in one store.


  1. Family time is good time.
    Your comments yesterday re water caused me to add a bit of discussion to my post today.


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