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When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

We trod in Washington's footsteps

Well, lots of people have already...walked where he trod.  And he sure did sleep somewhere on his many travels, so those "Washington slept here" signs aren't all baloney.

We did visit the museum of the Tavern in Old Salem, NC, where Washington not only slept, but walked the same floor boards, as our charming Moravian Colonial guide told us.  She didn't know exactly which room he slept in, but there's only one single room (not a shared bed) on the ground floor.

We enjoyed a talented group of young women playing music on the back porch of the Tavern Restaurant.  

We then ate lunch with a dear friend of mine at the Tavern Restaurant.  Yummy.

See below for pictures of the museum rooms, set up as they were in Washington's visit in 1891...including the letter he wrote to the fathers of Old Salem in appreication of their hospitality.

Washington's route touring the south in 1891

Copy of Washington's letter "To the United Bretheren of Wachovia"

In his Diary he speaks of his visit in Old Salem (it was just Salem at that time).
Here's the link to the ebook page of this diary...I found it interesting in that this letter is quoted in footnotes, as well as the Moravian's address in welcoming Washington.
The Diary of George Washington from 1789-1791

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another Farmers Market, Old Salem NC

It was probably already over 90 degrees by 11 am when we strolled through the Farmers Market in Old Salem, NC, so the shade was really welcome.

None of these vendors were in colonial garb, and we took our much appreciated Italian Ices as we walked past the Single Brother's Gardens.

The Single Brothers house is a huge construction, with different additions obvious.

It was not open for touring inside.

Back on the Main Street...

We found the marker for the first Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop, founded here in 1937.  Apparently they didn't think preserving it would fit in with the rest of the Colonial type exhibits.  Tim and I were still eating our Italian Ices, otherwise we might have been bothered.

Friday, August 29, 2014

In case you never visit Old Salem

I will not post every single photo I took.  I promise.  Nothing like a tour guide here in a blog, zzzzz!

So the exciting and never to be seen again things include:
It was great to have garden flowers out by the road.

Even the private homes are well maintained, and have the year they were constructed on little plaques by the foundations.

I wondered what this climbing pretty might be.  Do you know?

The silversmith's was not open.

This construction did catch our eyes...and we climbed through the doorway to look down on an (active?) archeological dig of the foundation of an original building.  So the strange half completed building is to protect it from us tourists tromping all over it.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

More on Old Salem, NC

Strolling up the first hill brought us to the St. Phillips Church, and the African Moravian exhibit in this log cabin.

I notice more and more my photos have blurred.  Must be my eyes.

We watched part of a PBS movie about the War of 1812 inside...

We were rushed and didn't get to have the tour of the church this trip...something on the list for next visit.

Some graves in front of the church were found when a new addition was being added.  Graves are of free or slave African Americans, as well as "strangers" meaning non-Moravian Christians.  The African American Moravians had been buried with the other Moravians up till the time the state of North Carolina told them they could no longer do that.  Then the African Americans got their graves alongside Strangers.

Seems the North Carolina officials looked the other way as far as the integrated graves of Strangers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where's the free beer?

Bottling assembly line was quiet.  Have to take the tour M-Th to see it in action.
Packing area also was quiet on a Sunday.

Yes, hospitality time!
That cup is full of hops, which one of the guests decided to take home with her.

Big glasses for just sips of Pale Ale.

As we left I looked at all those stainless steel vats on top of the roof.

...a rain barrell, made from wood which was felled on site.  It will actually hold some of the water recycled from parking lot drainage for grey water use.

In about a year the whole plant should be finished, with restaurant open and gift shop.  I would like to return to see the bottling aspect.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A bit more on beer

Our tour guide showing us a working beer processor...ok.  Where's the free beer?

Yes, chemists test all kinds of things, but this was just a fun display.

Looking through a window (thus reflections) at the bottom of one of the vats which extend through the roof, holding thousands of gallons of beer.

Yes, those vats...

But where's the free beer?

Old Salem, NC

A day trip for my birthday.  So I'll share it with you, even though it's technically a bit further east than Black Mountain!

A covered-bridge replica takes pedestrians from the Information Center (where tickets are purchased) to the open village.

The village streets are open to traffic, and we were surprised to see free and open parking on the streets, as we hiked all over in the heat.  Next time we'll check out that option first.  And yes, it's worth thinking of next time!
the great hot sun gave us a free sauna as we walked mainly uphill.  I don't know why we never felt like we were going down hill.  My friend Tim helped with driving, and was patient with my interests.

We were surprised to see many private homes along the whole area.  Since it's a village started and maintained by Moravians, I imagine most residents are also Moravians.

Tomorrow, more on the African Moravian  Church...