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When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Friday, June 10, 2022



This old gas station has been derelict for at least 15 years (how long I've lived here.)

Last week I drove by to have this scene. Is it being upgraded? I don't think they'd go through all this trouble if it was to be demolished.  So I'm curious what will happen.

And next door was an ancient looking store, also kind of forgotten. It's one redeeming characteristic was two piles of colorful round ceramic jars on each side of the doorway. I saw it last week, without any doors or a back wall, then they nailed plywood all across the face of it. I will go back and take some photos of the mural that's being painted on it!

Update will be on When I was 69 blog. (coming Mon. June 13)

Sunday, June 5, 2022

An Art Show...Art by the Tracks!

  June 4 was a fun Saturday. The Old Depot Association sponsored another Art by The Tracks fine crafts show downtown. I had to go...after all my sharing how I used to exhibit. And I did want to see some old friends too!

A bright morning, but low humidity and actually a bit cool that warmed up to 75 or so in the afternoon.

An interesting use of a bowl, to glue little planets (marble-like things) and paint the background dark blue, with some gold along the edge and call it a Cosmic bowl...

From fabrics on r, to wood working on l...with plants displayed everywhere!

Being a person with a very small apartment and more decorations than I can use already, I didn't find anything interesting to buy. My photos are just of things that caught my eye.

Vermont Maple Syrup was popular!

Hamlin Ceramics was displayed elegantly, which his pieces all are.

This sign was more permanent than the day-long art show. Our caboose has turned pink over the years...as the red paint has faded. It really needs to be painted a bright shiny red again!

A friend, Fred Feldman, makes these funny little guys in clay or wood cards...empty inside so you can write whatever you wish.

Another friend, Molly Keeny sits and talks with many friends in our community. 

On left is Sarah Vekasi who organized this event, and Fred Feldman on r.

A very nice chuckle at the wood sign which says "Wicked chickens lay  deviled EGGS."

Saying goodbye to Sutton St. and this art show. There will be another one in the fall...much bigger usually!

Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Black MountainTailgate Market and beyond


Wonderful weather last Saturday...compared to the day I'm writing this (Thurs.) with continuous rain.

The community of booths with information and goods and lots of yummy foods!

I didn't find out how much these bear-proof bins cost...but they are a necessity in Black Mountain these days.
I didn't find out the name of this group which entertains most pleasingly!

The Mud Buddies booth has pottery and hand crafted jewelry!

I thought of my friend Tim who grows pitcher plants, or some variety of carnivorous plants!

A relaxing Saturday morning.

I bought this little basil plant, which looks very healthy. Soon to be transplanted into my garden of pots.

Later during my lunch with friends, I saw these baby robins, waiting impatiently for their mother/father to feed them. I sat quietly and eventually mom appeared. But this was the beginning of lunch crowd, so I worried the little ones would have to wait till the area was peaceful enough for parents to come back.

“Time does not exist – we invented it. Time is what the clock says. The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Albert Einstein

Monday, May 23, 2022

A slower moving bit of wildlife

 My friend Susan was driving, but she had lived and worked in Madison County, so she knew much of the back roads we were taking to our friends house. As we turned off the paved road to the gravel road, there was someone who stopped us in our tracks.

I got out and introduced myself, and asked if we could pass, and perhaps help this slower moving critter along his/her way. I know we did disrupt his moving along the clear roadway, which I'd certainly choose over the weeds and hill next to the gravel...but we couldn't drive up without moving the Box Turtle.

So I left him at the side of the road, behind our car, and hoping he'd choose the ditch to go on his way rather than the paved road right beyond the ditch. We didn't see him when we left a few hours later.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

A bit of wildlife

 In Barnard Park, just below the bridge of the same name, are at least two areas where boats can be put in. At one that wasn't being used that day, I spied some interesting movement on the sand.

Of course the swarm got smaller as I walked slowly toward it...but most came back...including the little black one!

For once I don't care what order the photos are in, because these Swallowtails just kept flitting around this wet patch of sand...I didn't go over and check it out because I was more interested in the butterflies!

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Bridges...Buncombe and Madison Counties in NC


Flat Creek is flowing very subdued at this time, while Ole's Guacamole has expanded its seating by the creek into some two-tops over the creek!

Then on to bigger water and a bigger bridge...in Madison County!

Rafting under or driving across the Barnard Bridge on the French Broad River,  There are frequent rafters and kayakers that put in here.

Below you can see rafters on the river from the bridge.

Barnard Park has a few picnic tables also, and lots of parking spaces. We were sad to see the old house in ruins up the hill.

A former store, a brick building, has scaffolding on the front of it.

There are a few shade trees in the park, but I saw something I didn't expect so walked closer to get a better photo...

Tomorrow's photos will show what I saw.