When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Friday, September 24, 2021

Driving through town

 A fun juxtaposition of a sweet sign (Hey Hey Cupcakes) and a earth moving vehicle being carted behind a flat-bed truck, making it look as if it's flying


Everybody stops in the center of town, no matter which way you're going, it's just standard to expect about 2-3 minutes wait, or sometimes up to 6 minutes as the lights cycle through and pedestrians eventually get their chance to cross US 70 or NC 9, aka State St. and Montreat Rd.

When I got to my admittedly favorite restaurant with an order waiting for my take-out, there was this extraordinary vehicle parked there. I dare say it is a patron, rather than someone who works there! It's nice to think that people who run around in this money-absorbing gas-guzzler eat much the same food that I do.

The weather was just beautiful, our first day of fall. Here's the hidden Welcome to Black Mountain sign, with beautiful flowers at least!

I had stimulated my appetite by walking around Lake Tomahawk earlier with a friend. More on that in another post.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Tailgate Sept. 18, 2021

 There weren't as many pop-up tents or vendors at the Tailgate Market behind the First Baptist church this week. There didn't seem to be a big crowd of shoppers either. But the Mud Buddies said they did alright for an "off season" Saturday morning.  The next tourist season will be October when people come to see the pretty fall foliage in the mountains.

The three potters share the duties of sales. There once were five of us, but the rest of us have retired.

The three potters were wearing masks, of course. And visitors were also asked to wear them.

The Mud Buddies didn't even come out to sell pots last year at all.

The market had some lovely little ones walking with parents, and this mom gave me permission to take the princess' photo. The market no longer allows dogs to come visit everyone...but one huge white poodle combination walked sedately through with its owner. I dare say it didn't walk by the gate keeper, but came in on the other side of the area.

I got a kick out of the chicken and the letters on this table...the letters are metal.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Black Mountain NC has rocking chairs all over the place.

I sat in this one while waiting for a table outside at our local "Bistro". But while we had waited for 20 minutes, all the patio tables were designated for a party of 15 who had called in. We were already on the list, but somehow that reservation got precedence. We sat inside, but I wasn't happy about it.

My rocker had a little ginger bread man cookie. I left it there.

A photo of a photo, which has attribution of the artist.

The art decorated rockers are sold to raise funds for some civic organization of the town. (I don't remember what.)

Today's quote:

True compassion recognizes that all the boundaries we perceive between ourselves and others are an illusion.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Some more then and now shots


Carolina Foam and Fabric store, which had just a few customers every time I stopped in. I don't remember when it went out of business...but now it's housing some Town offices as well as the public works around the back. 

A few weeks ago there was a car show out front of the current town offices. The only signage is right on the glass doors. They kept the window awning treatment, but made them black instead of blue.

My friend Cathy selling her work at the Tailgate Market in 2014. Note the background...

Cathy at the Tailgate Market May 2021! Her pottery is much more cheerful these days!

And where the limo was housed in a shed before (in background of "then" with Cathy) now there's a nursery school!

Cathy and myself, 2014 at the Potters Market in Marion NC.

Friend Teresa at her 60th birthday party in 2019.

At my birthday lunch a week or so ago, 2021. I'm beginning to think once the hair turns totally white, each year looks pretty much the same. 

Helen and me, maybe Dec. 2017

Helen 2014

Helen in San Francisco in 2019

Sharing with Sepia Saturday this week! Come on over and see what other photos have been shared from collections all over the world.

Today's quote:

The wisdom that begins with surprise is the wisdom of a grateful heart.


Friday, September 10, 2021

Black Mountain Library

  It's one of those old modern buildings...probably built in the 60s.

I used to love the earliest spring flowers that would bloom in this bed, which faces south. But all the beds were torn out and these well-behaved things were planted along with a lot of mulch. Oh well. 
Miniature roses? What are they thinking? Well, they are all on their last legs. I can't imagine why these were planted there.

Some great sounding talks are going to be way the other side of Asheville...I think I've found that library once, but it's just too far for me to drive, especially at night on the way home.

I've been talking (on my blog about Living in Black Mountain) about another Trompe l'oeil artist who goes to my church, Robert Tynes. Brad Stroman used to live in Black Mountain, and this painting of his is hanging in our library.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

My favorite season is coming soon


It will be mi-October before the mountains have good colors,  if it's anything like last year. We shall see!

Here we have fall from 2013...

Today's quote:

Your personal boundaries have one very important intention: to empower you to create the kinds of relationships you want in your life.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Going for walks again

 My neighborhood. When the morning at 10 am has just 70 degrees out there. At 9 am it was only 66, a bit chilly for my August blood.

I love the slanted sunlight that has returned in the mornings as fall is coming near.

If you're very observant, the upstairs windows which are open are in my apartment, catching the cool air, as well as the "good" air quality this last Mon. morning.

Perhaps the last roses of summer, because I didn't dead-head all the rose hips after the big bloom in June. There are just too many for a hand held clipper, and apparently the landscape crew doesn't know that needed to be done.
My porch as August closes, and September brings first the rain from Ida (due the next 2 days from when I took this pic.) I will probably take everything off the railing and hanging if high winds are expected.

Today's quote:

As we move deeper into meditation, the state of our mind expands; thus, allowing us to create more space within our body.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Then and now and a video


And last week I posted this photo from the past, so during the week I drove by and got the "now" photo of it.

Comments included the fact that apparently the tanks from the filling station are still buried on the property, and to have it renovated would include removing them.

I remember another old gas station that was right across the street when I moved here in 2007, and it was still selling gas, and had a little quickie market as well. I had been surprised to see the staff was a middle eastern family, and realized they needed more business. Within a few years they went out of business, and the town square park was built, while a parking lot was paved right where their station had been. 

I didn't notice whether their tanks had been dug out first. Just might not have gone through town on the day/days that happened.

Another small old gas station has been refurbished into one of my favorite restaurants, Thai Basil. It's at the other end of the several blocks of downtown Black Mountain.

And on another subject...fat. Here's an interesting video about "A Brief History of Fat, and Why we Hate it.

Sharing with Sepia Saturday this week, where all things sepia are interesting!

Friday, September 3, 2021

Robert Tynes' show

 A friend, a fellow UU, and an altogether genial person, Robert Tynes has taught art at U of NC Asheville for many years. They offer a retrospective of his work until Sept 8 in the Owens Hall gallery. A couple of friends and I went to see it last week!

We were pleasantly surprised to meet Robert himself as we came into the gallery!

I'm sorry, I tried to get a pic of the titles, but they seem to have been shuffled in the camera. Or maybe I was...

Trump l'oeil is the technique of painting things so realistically that you think you can reach out and touch the real object rather than a painted one.

Helen was very pleased to learn this was the description of a painting in her home, by another acquaintance of mine who does Trump l'oeil, Brad Stroman. I think he moved to Santa Fe from Black Mountain and may have returned to the Asheville area again...will ask around. Another good painter.

It was a most enjoyable visit, though the parking situation on campus was stressful. And that was before students and faculty returned from summer break!

"Robert Tynes has been painting professionally for over 30 years. He has held over 25 solo shows and been included in over 150 group exhibitions. Tynes is currently Professor of Art at the University of North Carolina, Asheville where he has been for the past 24 years." Per his web site...but he retired a few years ago due to health.