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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wake Robin Trilliums

Trillium erectum, also known as wake-robin, red trillium, purple trillium, Beth root, or stinking Benjamin.

Thanks to my friend, Mathilda for giving me two young trilliums. Why do they get that last name, stinking Benjamin?  Cause they attract flies to pollinate them, by smelling like rotting meat.  And don't let your pets chew on them, there's some bad stuff in the leaves too.  THey grow very wild in the mountains all around here, and aren't easy to transplant.  SO I'm leaving these in the pots and hoping they'll survive till next spring.  They haven't fully opened yet and may not with the shock from the potting.

Quote for the day:

There is an endless net of threads throughout the universe. The horizontal threads are in space. The vertical threads are in time. At every crossing of the threads, there is an individual, and every individual is a crystal bead. And every crystal bead reflects not only the light from every other crystal in the net, but also every other reflection throughout the entire universe.  Rig Veda


  1. Hope your Trillium survives, and I really like that quote.

  2. Some of the trilliums don't actually open any more than yours have.


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