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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Your thinking place

Yesterday I really needed to go to my "thinking place."

I've shared it with you before.  When I have a decision to make, or just feel disconnected from my  Higher Source, this is where I go.

As clear water flutters between rocks, as I look up through branches of newly born leaves, as the wind curls in my hair, I settle, I connect, and I can make clear decisions.

Thank heavens I've got a sense of how to ground myself and listen to what's important to me.  I need this.  I can't live without it.  And when I'm ready, I'll go back into the world of men and deal with all the things that I was having difficulty with.  I'll go back to my home and accept my own frailties, and forgive myself for them, and accept that any pain is just part of the path I'm on in this lifetime.  It has a message to give me.


  1. Nice post! I can entirely relate!

    1. if I can just be more patient with all the other goof-balls on this earth!

  2. It continues to be a surprise to me that I've somehow become creaky and have to be careful going up and down steps. When did this happen? the young person in my mind is saying.


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