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When I Was 69
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Enjoying Mount Pisgah

Some shots to share a mountain joy - 19 days apart!

 The view to the south does point to beautiful mountains. First trip April 10, 2019

 There's a rather abrupt drop-off, so we stayed on the path! Hope nobody brings little kids here unattended!

The changes in 19 days are to turn all these mountains green soon.

April 29, 2019.

April 10...

April 29

The lookout platforms behind us.
There's the hotel/inn behind me.

We loved these rocking chairs below the hotel and restaurant!  I got sunburned a bit!


  1. The greening continues. We are even seeing a hint.

  2. Hello, beautiful views of the mountains. I am happy to see you too, great selfies. Enjoy your day, have a great week ahead. Happy May to you!

  3. Splendid views- and yes, a few days make a difference!

  4. Beautiful shots -- especially of the greening!


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