When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Along Cherry Street

Early morning (when August afternoons aren't that great for walking around) we did a bit of window shopping in downtown Black Mountain.

 Sassafras had lots of books as well as journals and cards and great gift things.

 Mountain Nest is one of my favorite places to see arts and crafts...
 My friend (and fellow studio potter at BMCA) Dori English had a small display of her horses and girls. She's been working on a series of goats in pajamas.

 The street was really empty and had few cars parked there yet.

 My friend bought herself a tree pendant...which is shown here not in the correct way - the silver ring should frame it...she got it fixed right after this was taken.

 Seven Sisters is a gallery as well as place that sells lovely jewelry and pottery (and cards.)

 Looking down the hill of Cherry Street.

 Another potter friend, Sarah Vekasi, had this display of her work in the window of Seven Sisters.

 Right around the corner (at the bottom of Cherry St) is Sutton St, with the Old Depot crafts gallery.
My friend Sally Smith has a lot of her work on display.  

I have a shelf of pottery there too!


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