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Friday, January 9, 2015

Lake frozen

Last night in single digits farenheit...today a high of 30, and tomorrow will actually be warmer, with only teen figures for our low tonight.

SO...our local lake froze.  There's a spring in this corner, which seldom freezes, so ducks were able to feed a bit.

A thin sheet of ice over most of Lake Tomahawk

And I was too late to get a shot of the mountains with snow on them this morning.  I didn't arrive until around 3 pm.  There had been a patch of snow on my car this morning too, but the sun took it away by the time I ventured out.

All this view is ice

Totally ice covering the lake
Quote for today:

There is no large and difficult task that can’t be divided into little easy tasks.
Buddhist Saying

The spillway was running just fine...but you can't see the edge of the ice very clearly in this shot. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll go over there earlier and see if it looks very different.  Or maybe I'll go see what's happening on Flat Creek.  Well, MAYBE...that's a big maybe!


  1. Glad you wrapped up and braved the weather for the photographs. Good that the ducks still have plenty of open water.

  2. You did get cold for your area. We have a couple of small bodies of water along our highway that we like to keep an eye on. The thaw and freeze and the Canada geese don't want to give them up even if the water has frozen.

  3. Good on you for getting out! I've ventured as far as the bird feeder . . . Am on the sofa now with a dog on my left and a cat on my right . . .

  4. Some days "maybe" is my favorite word. Nice that you are tuned in to the influences of your lake and weather. People, many times, just don't pay enough attention to the changes in nature that surround us. Especially, it seems, those that live in a major city. Good post -- barbara


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