When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Animal week

I seemed to have run into a lot of animals lately.

Lying down are 2 donkeys, and there's a pony (you'll see more I think) and to the left are 2 more donkeys, I think)

 What is that over there?  I stopped to view a cemetery, one of the oldest around here, and across the street were all these animals!  (I'll share some close ups tomorrow).

Patton Cemetery

Quote for today:
We are able to laugh, if only for a moment, when we achieve detachment.
May Sarton


  1. Sorry about that wording...I didn't run over any animals...just happened upon them!

  2. My first wife is buried in a cemetery in the country and directly across the road is a busy farm lot of cows with farmhouse and barn. I guess I was glad to see that back then when I realized that is around the cemetery. I was a farm boy and it seemed fitting. I think your animals look like sheep but that may be wrong.


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