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When I Was 69
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Friday, March 6, 2015

A lunch counter from yesterday

I was surprised how many people came in from the cold to have lunch at Woolworth Walk.
My friend and I had also come to see the arts and crafts on display over the 2 levels of a former Woolworths, in Asheville, NC

The quality of work was surprisingly good, with quite a variety of media.

I admit to having a preconceived expectation (prejudice actually) that because this had formerly been a "dime store" the crafts would also be the more shall-I-say...cheap versions!  Nope.  There were a few displays of DIY which I skipped looking at, but most of them were high quality, and some incredibly good.

This was actually a gallery, where fine art was occasionally displayed.

I can never get a good photo of my friend, even when we talk about her posing for me, but this was a candid attempt.
 She was busy showing me photos of her foster kittens.  They are darling, of course.

 Oh yes, lunch was good and quite reasonable.


  1. I love that photo of Woolworths. Glad you had such an enjoyable day.

  2. Is Woolworths (the original company) still in business? I thought, from your nice photos, that the exhibits were really quite good. Do you go to buy or just to look? It looks like quite a crowd -- perhaps this show has gained a good reputation. This looked like a great outing with your friend -- barbara

    1. Good question, Barbara. Wikipedia says "The chain went out of business in July 1997, when the company decided to focus on the Foot Locker division..." Our Woolworth Walk (the title of the business now) is open daily (maybe not Sunday) with the little booths not being monitored by anyone...everyone just brings what they want up to a counter in the front. I was mainly getting inspiration, but my friend bought a birthday card. And we both fell in love with one artist's paintings.

  3. Always nice to have lunch with a friend. When I lived in England, in the next town as a Woolworth's and my parents and I used to pop in on shopping day for a cup of tea and a cake. Always a good memory Woolworth's and I was sorry to see the store go. Lovely to see it here though, even if it is just the facade. Lovely post Barbara :)


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