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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Staying colorful

You know I've got some more flowers to share with you.

It's the bright spot in my living room this morning, as grey skies and rain are right through the windows.  Memories are spurred by looking at these photos I want to share with you.

Quote for today:

Aborigines know they do not own the land but are a part of it and it is their duty to look after the earth.


  1. Beautiful flowers to brighten up the day.

  2. Oh yes, I love those. Thank you Barbara!

  3. Gorgeous photos - so glad you shared!!

  4. Barbara -- Your header is lovely with all the spring colors breaking out. And your visit to the nursery place is just the place to visit to get that spring feeling. -- barbara

    1. I have to laugh. Thank you for enjoying the header, taken in October, when most of the autumn colors had faded...but you're absolutely right, it looks the same as when first leaves start...but alas, they haven't yet. Glad you like the hot house...more will be coming! Gotta keep sharing beauty while waiting for Mama Nature to wake up.


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