When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Monday, March 2, 2015

American Nobility

I was given a pass to tour the Biltmore Estate this last weekend.

So even though the grounds are still recovering from winter, I was happy to visit the Conservatory and the house itself.  No photos are allowed inside the house...so I only have some facade photos.

If you are ever in the Western North Carolina area, and have the money and stamina for a full days' walking in a beautiful environment, please take the time to visit this site.

Looking toward the mansion from the gardens

The Biltmore mansion was built by George Vanderbilt for his wife, Edith S. Dresser, an heiress to the Stuyvesants of New Amsterdam (now New York).  That's as nobility as Americans have ever been.  The young moneyed estate.

The windows on slants belong to the grand staircase which traverses three floors in a great circle. Ignore the unknown people who were also visiting and happened to get in my picture!


  1. Hi Black Mountain Barb! Lovely to find another WNC blogger!

    1. Hi back to you Carole...I didn't know there was a problem with WordPress blogs posting comments over here on Blogger...I have a bit of a complaint when I want to comment over on WordPress blogs...having to fill out 3 bits of information before I can. So I opened a WordPress blog also, but still have to fill outt he 3 lines...anyway! Glad there are more WNC bloggers out there. Now I'll go check out your posts! Barb


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