When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Looking Glass Falls in the fall

Below the falls, the creek that becomes Davidson creek, I wonder if it's called that all the way up the mountain?

Stairs wend down to the observation area at the foot of the falls.  Going down is realtively easy.  You know the rest.

There are nice climbing rocks at the bottom, next to the shallow pool, so I ventured out as far as I could with dry boots.  Spray was sometimes blowing my way even then.  I found it interesting that my skill of rock hopping returned to me easily and coming back up was a breeze, because I could tell the rocks weren't really slippery from that angle.  Going down the rocks I was much more careful than on the stairs.

Sorry I called them Window Pane Falls the other day...I've corrected my mistake.  I've been getting those names confused ever since I first visited these falls in 2005 (I think).


  1. What a beautiful place! I really like your shot of the staircase and the water fall.

    1. Thanks, that was one of those nice surprises that it came out so well.

  2. It's so nice to meet you....I am from Winston Salem but we have a house out from Boone.....These are gorgeous shots. We have not been to these falls but after seeing your captures, we will definitely be going....

  3. Same here, glad that you like my photos...and natural beauty is a lot to do with it!


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