When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Next to the tracks

One of the oldest buildings, right next to the railroad tracks, not being used at this point.

A bit of wildness between the building and the tracks, in which I discovered sweet peas, or maybe just something wild in the pea family.

What fun to see ladybugs as well as bees (not visible here) and a big old bumblebee enjoying nectar.

Quote for today:

Any human who feels that he or she is not "good enough" to cultivate peace and generosity is overlooking the wondrous gift of life. You live, therefore you are good enough.
Dhyani Ywahoo
Voices of Our Ancestors


  1. Pretty photos and a great quote.

  2. Cool shot of the bee, and I really like the quote: so true!

  3. Barb -- your quote is a statement that we all have to remember. Interesting stacked stone building? Could it be associated with the railroad? Love fields. You found a probable wild plant and some beautiful insects. I too recently spent time out in nature nourishing my soul with beauty -- what a treat. --- barbara


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