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When I Was 69
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Out into the woods again

My middle son and I went for a nice walk today...a few hundred miles from Black Mountain.  This son lives in Connecticut.  We haven't been away from the celebrations of the season much...which have all been held indoors so far.  It was in the 50s and sunny today, so we took a break.

Heublein Tower (I've always said High-bline) is on the side of a ridge overlooking the Farmington River Valley in Western Connecticut.  Go here for more info.  

Heublein Tower at Talcott Mountain State Park
The Talbot State Park has great trails that lead up from the highway to the tower.  A major parking challenge since there wasn't a parking lot open.

But I couldn't quite make it up to the Tower this trip. 

It was hard enough getting up the drive to the entrance, then the hill became steep.  We slowly climbed as younger people passed us by.

 But I was pleased to reach the ridge and walk along it for quite a ways.  It was fun, but I decided not to go the whole way this trip.

My altimeter on my iPhone said the ridge was at 850 feet, and the river level was around 250.  Of course the car drove up the mountain about 200 feet of height of that difference, so we probably hoofed it the rest of the 300 feet...and it sure felt like it.

I came home and took a nap!


  1. Handsome son, Lovely mother -- a nice gift -- to celebrate the season with a walk together -- barbara.

  2. How lovely to enjoy a nice long walk with your son and I agree, he is very handsome. Happy New Year :)

  3. Beautiful hike. Definitely worth the expended energy for the lovely views.

  4. Nice view! Thanks for making the hike!


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