When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Too cold for a walk

Nice rime ice on the tops of the mountains, or maybe snow still.  It didn't get above freezing in the last 24 hours (written Jan 21 6:30 pm). Anywhere in western North Carolina.  Lake Tomahawk did have some hardy folks walking around it. And it hasn't been cold long enough for the lake to freeze.

The more hardy people were in Asheville probably at the Martin Luther King march...but I hope nobody brought kids this year.  The weather man said 30 minutes in this temperature and there could be frostbite on exposed skin.  Yep.  I'm indoors most of the day!


  1. Hello, love the view of the mountains and lake. I will not go out in the freezing weather if I do not have to. I am ready for spring now. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Good morning Eilleen. Here's to the smart warm people like you and me!

  3. Beautiful photo! I would be staying indoors too.

  4. Except for a couple of trips outside to fill the birdfeeders, I've stayed put too.

  5. - Hi Lois, thanks for commenting on my short blog!
    -Yes, Wiliam...once I found a spot where I could capture the peaks, I keep returning, rather than taking a photo of the grocery store parking lot.
    - Of course Vicki, you probably have some pretty icy trees out that way as well. Keep warm.

  6. Hey! I am interested in your research on the Bolling and Kennon families! I am on Ancestry and attempting to correct some info. I would love to see your tree!
    Col Robert Bolling and Anne Stith are my 8thgreats.
    My line:
    Martha Scott/Thomas Hall
    Samuel Hall/M Webb
    Mary Hall/J C Dugger
    Nancy Dugger/J George
    MS George/James Patton Taylor
    Phil Taylor/W Hook
    SJ Taylor/W DeMilly
    ME /TL Davis
    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Sanna Kay Davis
    BTW...I live not far from you in SC! Love Black Mountain and Montreat!

  7. Hi Sanna Kay- Yes we're probably cousins. Give me a way to contact you...either just email me at blackmtnbarb AT gmail DOT com, or let me know your Ancestry.com name. Please. Yes, we should definitely share our tree information!

  8. You can find a lot of my research on Bolling family on my bog "Three Family Trees." Just do a search once you get to that blog and you'll see a lot of my information.


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