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When I Was 69
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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

More on ducks and geese

 As I mentioned yesterday, the geese and ducks were away from the banks of Lake Tomahawk, which is how they stay safe from dogs (and children.)
 In the sluice which drains the lake into the Swannanoa River, I saw a few Mallard ducks, and a couple of ducklings!
 The mom is on the left, but the tiny little guy on the right is working against the current.

 Really there are 2 ducklings, one right behind mom, and the other in those shadows.

Finally a shot that makes each duckling visible!

Looking back across the dam, other ducks and geese can be spotted.


  1. That's an interesting little 'island' in the last photo.

  2. Hello, pretty views of the ducks. I like the shadows. Lovely series. Wishing you a happy day!


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