When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Oh yes, the flags were out on Monday

We're having a downtown block party tonight in Black Mountain NC, with food trucks and music and dancing (and a huge parking problem) and of course a great fireworks show.

And I posted a week ago wondering when the decorations would be out.  So then I kept looking and carting around my iPhone (it's really got an umbilical cord to me by now!

Monday the flags were there.  The photos were taken, and then I worked on my pottery, and other things I do, and I forgot to show you here! (Head bowed in embarrassment...a pose I'm very familiar with.)  And I forget more and more things...like last night I forgot to go to the studio completely.  Oh dear, maybe this is how my life will be from now on.  I did remember at 9:30 pm that I had a free coupon for $8 to use at the local drug store. I wondered if it was still open, since the "free bucks" expired yesterday.  So I quickly drove the 1/4 mile to it and purchased cashews and chocolate, a treat thanks to my being a good customer (and getting all those prescriptions filled there!) I also discovered it's been ages since I've driven at night! Partly because the sun doesn't go down very early these days.


  1. I prefer driving in daytime so that's a great adventure of summer.

  2. The key is that you remember what you've forgotten. I tell myself this.


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