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Friday, February 15, 2013

North Fork Left Fork

Peaceful valley with some cows, near Black Mountain, NC along a road called North Fork, Left Fork.  I don't know if anyone knows what the forks were originally of, usually it's the left fork of something creek or river. 

If you drive up Right Fork of North Fork (heaven help the postal delivery) you get to the deadend near the reservoir for Asheville watershed.  You can't see it, unfortunately.  Except when the Blue Ridge Parkway is open and you go to the lookout at Craggy Gardens Visitors Center, and there it is about 10 miles away.

All of the creeks in Black Mountain end up in the Swannanoa River, and then the French Broad River, which flows west to the Tennessee River.

This posting is being submitted to
as something that has been around for a long time, and I'm just thinking about the mountains and creeks.


  1. Most of our rivers head to the French Broad as well. In fact, we are near the headwaters of the French Broad River Basin. The East Fork (of the French Broad) runs near our house. Love the beautiful valley.

  2. I agree - poor postal delivery people, especially if they are as easily confused as I am! Beautiful scene, so tranquil.

  3. Beautiful scene. Some nice homes in that view. Would love to visit again.

  4. My goodness, all those forks - but you wind up in a truly beautiful spot!


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