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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sahara Peace Choir concert (w/addendums)

Betsy Murray and Barb Rogers at White Horse, Black Mountain, NC
Just to let my friends here in blogland know how very happy I am to have been part of this concert...which just finished a few minutes ago.

Stephanie Heildelman, soloist

I'm home now, coming down from the high of performance.  You should have seen me at intermission...I was flying high.  I don't need drugs!

Rehearsal discussions and some great women working together

The women who put this together were fabulous...and the owners and managers of White Horse in Black Mountain did a good job of running around doing lighting and mike and so on.

Betsy Murray, soloist

Anyway, love of the goddess was put into music, poetry and dance, as led and performed and written by Annelinde Metzner. 
Annelinde leading the choir while Stephanie sings with us

Flute by Cathy, guitar by Deb

M.C. by Nels Arnold
Deb and our very own "crone" Antiga (to whom that term is a complement)

Annelinde and Helen discuss the dancing
I'm so proud to have been part of this group praising all the aspects of goddesses, from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Celtic, African and Sumerian roots.

I hope to receive pics of the concert itself from others soon.


A friend in the audience who studied music and sang in operas said this was all new to him.  I just reminded him of how many musical compositions were made in praise of the sacred.

Annelinde Metzner


  1. Oh my gosh -- I would have loved to have sat in your audience and experienced the whole concert! Is the troupe going on the road? Your smile in your photo tells the story of a superb performance. -- barbara

  2. Thanks Barbara...this was it. But the Sahara Peace Choir will perform April 6 in Montreat...if you can come it will be a bit smaller venue (Ten Thousand Villages top floor) honor of women. Love to meet you!


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