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Friday, February 8, 2013

Old trout farm

A friend owns this retired trout farm, rows of ponds made of concrete which now leak.  The folks who put it up added classical touches of the flower urns on each level.  And I don't know if they are the same people who put the water wheel up above.  The stream still flows, as seen leaking through the wall of the pond which now has some aquatic plants rather than fish as inhabitants. 

This is my contribution to Weekend Reflections, since it is aquatic...though not particularly reflective.  But looking upon it does inspire reflecting thinking.


  1. Classic architecture for fish -- rather fancy compared to those I am familiar with. But what a great photo op it made for your camera. -- barbara

    1. I was definitely intrigued by this design. I wonder if the fish tasted any differently!

  2. It will be such an amazing place when those iris will bloom...

  3. That's a very unique place. I bet it was an awesome sight in it's heyday.


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