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Monday, March 18, 2013


Veterans Cemetery, Swannanoa, NC

I know several people who have been buried here.  I like the slope with the sun always shining on it.

But it is a little dull as far as tombstones go.   If you're like me and like to look at the artistic carvings in stone.

"If I had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the christening of all children, I should ask that her gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life."   Rachel Carson


  1. I also love the variation in tombstones. But there is something very moving about all those white crosses. In perfect rows no matter which way you look.

  2. It's still very nice. But I like you, like various types of headstones as well.


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