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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sailing on the Lake

A model yacht on Lake Tomahawk recently.

The yachtsman enjoyed showing his skills to those watching from the shore, where he also stood with the control mechanism.

A few "oooo's" came out when he bent the yacht into the wind this far.  But it didn't sink.

I'm submitting this post to Weekend Reflections.  Come over to see other photos from around the world!

Apologies to my followers who might have found 3 postings this morning.  When I was sick a few weeks ago, I scheduled a bunch of blogs in advance.  Some of them ended up duplicated on the same they are now scheduled again in the future.


  1. Fun post ~ makes me think Spring is coming ~ Great photos for Reflections ~ enjoy ^_^

  2. The last picture is very pretty : I like the angle of the boat.

  3. Is Spring coming? Cool little boat.

  4. That would be fun to watch or control!


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