When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Montreat creek

Montreat College has a nice auditorium, Anderson Hall.

 And as you drive to it, you have to pass this little playground along the creek.  It has been upgraded since my grands and I poked around one summer a few years ago.

An inviting trail leads from a parking lot to a picnic table by the creek.  I took my Tacos there, and didn't have too many mosquitoes tickling my legs (wearing shorts...bit of a mistake).

Boys seem to gather together at any age.  I would have loved to get to come to a park like this when I was a kid...and I did take my children to a few river parks, but the parks in Florida were differently situated...mainly flatter.

This would have been me, about 65 years ago.  But I made my dams in the gutter outside our St. Louis apartment...until my mother caught me and said how dirty the water in the streets was.

I can appreciate the fellow in the swing with a book, just not into getting his feet wet at all!

There's even a climbing wall on the playground.  Let's see, that's a man-made object copying nature, put back out in nature for kids to climb on...what's wrong with that picture!

As I left, a family had moved into my picnic table and their lovely teen daughter was posing as a mermaid.

Quote for the day:

Along with faith comes the requirement for dogged persistence. At first meditation may bring you mild highs or some relief from suffering. But there may come a time — just as there does in the development of any skill — when there will be a plateau. You may be bored, discouraged, or even negative and cynical. This is when you will need not only faith, but persistence. - Ram Dass


  1. What a neat place! That auditorium is a nice building. And the kids sure are enjoying that water!

  2. Super photos, everyone is having fun!


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