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Friday, August 9, 2013

More Mountain Moral Monday

Mountain Moral Monday continues.  More rallies will be held, but this is the first of people (about 8-10 thousand) speaking their minds, not to the legislative session which is over, but to the public at large.


This 11 min. video contains excerpts and lots of pictures of the signs which were being shared.  Why should you look at what the people of North Carolina care about?  Because it is representative of what happens when one party has control of any state government and slashes benefits and rights of the people.

And here are some more of my friends, who have posted on Facebook.

 Bill and Rev. Michael Carter and other UUs.

I waved at the helicopter as it went over.  See the little blue tent under the trees middle right?  I'm somewhere there!  That was the Sierra Club booth.  Our church banner and group stood next to the NAACP table.  HERE is my first post of our demonstration.

Rev. William Barber, head of North Carolina NAACP

Diane and Jeff Hutchins and UU banner which speaks from our hearts.

Don Tally checks the stage, while a cameraman is on the right for an interview.

Big money took over the state, in the form of Art Pope buying the campaign to put into office people who would vote the way he wanted.


  1. That looks like quite a gathering!

    1. We guessed 6000 while standing there. The Asheville Police origionally said 5000, but later said closer to 10,000 people were there. All very peaceful too.

  2. Thank you for shining a light on Moral Mondays, which I first heard about on Vicki's blog. What you are doing is so great and so important. I hope it will become a movement that spreads across this land.

    1. There will be more Monday demonstrations across North Carolina. Let me know when it reaches the west coast!


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