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When I Was 69
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Pisgah Brewery

I love a tall bottle of beer, especially on a hot summer day.  I have enjoyed the fruits of many micro-breweries, but am not an aficionado.  So I do order locally brewed beer with dinner if it's available, but can't tell you much about Asheville's fame as far as best beers in the country.  But the rumor is that it might just have them.

One close by brewery is Pisgah Brewery.  I think it's a hidden gem.

The best landmark coming from Asheville on Old Rte. 70 east to Black Mountain, is this small church right after the signal light at North Fork Rd.

See that little blue sign, and then the larger white one?  On the top of the white one is Pisgah's sign.

Yes it's an industrial park.  Most of us would turn around about here.  But remember how thirsty you are?

So you drive on down to the parking lot, and there it is on the right, tucked into the huge building.

After you've enjoyed your tasty beer, this is a better (?) view of the Pisgah sign.

If you were coming from Black Mountain, this is the only clue you would get...and probably you would pass right by, turn around and come back.  After all, the selection of brews is calling you!

Quote for the day:

It is not a question of whether you "have what it takes," but of whether you take the gifts you have -- they are plenteous -- and share them with all the world.            
 Neale Donald Walsch

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