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Friday, November 29, 2013


 A recent addition to our neighborhood...after the house was completely rennovated for an Alternative Healing Arts center on the ground floor, (Source), with an apartment for one of the staff members upstairs, the town of Black Mountain zoning commission said it wasn't legal for this business.  The zoning allows a resident to have a business in their home.  But apparently the clarification for this business wasn't given appropriately, and a neighbor has complained about the additional traffic the business brings on the sidewalk out front.  So the owner is appealing the decision, and remaining open at this time.  The house looks so much better than it used to when another friend of mine lived there.   And many of my friends go to accupuncturists, chiropractors and massage professionals here.  There was even a benefit concert given to help defray the court costs of the appeal.  Even the town has backed down to reduce court costs.


  1. The house is lovely! Hopefully this will be resolved for everyone's benefit.

  2. It is a very nice house. Hope all is settled out okay.


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