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Friday, November 8, 2013

Tunnel Road

Charlotte Street is the cross street for Tunnel Road in Asheville, heading east.

Head up a hill and curve to the right...

And there's the mouth of the tunnel itself.

In Asheville, US 70 goes through a mountain.  When the interstate 40 people were working on a bypass, named 240, they kind of went over the same mountain...but the cut is sheer and still pretty deep.

 I can't ever take pictures while driving it, so it will be some time probably before I can show you those rocky faces.  It took my breath away when I first saw it, and it's stupendous after a snow and the south facing rocks have icy drips everywhere.  So that's one of my goals for this pull off to the side and take pictures before a police car comes along.


  1. Nice! Those police have the knack of materializing when you least expect it - so be careful. LOL

  2. I was there on Tuesday and thinking how nice it was that Asheville has so many trees.


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