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When I Was 69
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stop the water running downhill

The natural slope goes downhill pretty gradually.

My downhill neighbor built a fence to keep draining water from sitting on his concrete pad next to his garage.  So there's a foot and a half or more of 4x4's stacked, with gravel in the ditch on my side, and that construction cloth stuff next to the wood...then a fence built on top of it.

Neighbor's lot has been graded until it's almost flat, with a steep ditch next to the road on his own downhill side.

The new fence has lots of stair steps, but didn't end up being totally opaque, thank heavens.

Where he needed a privacy fence, he really didn't succeed, because my house is over 6 feet higher than his, thus all my windows look over his fence to where his back door is on the side.  And the rest of the fence is a screen for a blank wall of his garage.  But as for water barrier, my vote is like the native in Out of Africa who told Isaac Denisen that "this water belongs in Mozambique," or wherever it was, and when the floods came, the water took out the dam.  I do hope this won't happen for my neighbor after all this effort.

Of course this effort does deserve to be in Friday Fences HERE!


  1. My husband often says that most of his time is spent dealing with water -- getting it where it should be and out of where it shouldn't -- and tidying up after it.

  2. Hmmmm....he went to a lot of work, didn't he? Nice fence though! LOL

  3. Ah, now I see what you mean! I was hoping for pictures and there they are. Hope the fence works out for you both.

  4. Looks like a worthy project. By the way, love your header photo. I've enjoyed browing through your site...so glad to have found you via Friday Fences. I'll visit often.


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