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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Boys in high school

...used to wear their hair in a style called a "D.A."  Duck's After. 

That white duck did come up for air when I wasn't holding the camera on him!

Incidentally, I am so grateful to report that none of my sons were in high school during the times when boys wore more of their underwear showing around their waists than their jeans. Youngest son may have been a undie-displayer in college however.  Not sure about my grandson...


  1. I think the undie stuff starts with this generation Teens. My sons wore the long hair and tight jeans. . The duck tails in my time.and the Elvis look. I dated guys like Elvis. If they did not say. Thank you very much. They were off my list.

    Have a good day and dont work to hard with Christmas.

    I think if we Live Christmas in our lives, joy and happiness, kind to others it is more the real thing to people then the commercialized Christmas. What do you think. Now adays if you give a gift you made or a mitts you knit or socks . I Most likely we would get a frown. Christmas to-day is styles and brands.
    The Christmas of long ago to me was the most satisfying . Not gimos .

  2. D.A.s - we're the same age! Fun post.


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