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Saturday, December 21, 2013

That ole Moon and Sun and Earth

Dancin around up there in the sky...and here we sit enjoying trying to see how their movements change our lives.

Stonehenge, UK

Today is Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere.  I think around noon EST the earth will shift from one direction of tilt to the other.  That moment is one where it is still spinning on its axis, but the tilt stops (do you think it slows down and then slowly begins to tilt the other way?) and turns to face good ole Sol at a different angle, which gradually increases till Summer Solstice.

Like a top, if you took a picture (video) I'm pretty sure there's not an instantaneous change from tilting one way to the other.

Through the hallway to the chamber within Newgrange, on Winter Solstice dawn

So around noon on Sat., I'm sitting very still somewhere out in nature, and contemplating this huge ball of magma, mountains and enormous oceans shifting its tilt.

You better believe if there's anything to be felt, I will feel it. 


  1. Just feel sluggish. Maybve mama earth feels the same!

  2. I love the solstices -- they are moments we ALL share, whether we think about them or not. (I do, quite a bit.) Merry and Happy, Barb!


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