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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Weekends by the lake

Someone brought big dogs to walk them around the lake.  These 2 vans had huge crates inside.  I'm glad to see big dogs...especially well behaved ones.

This was the first time I'd walked around the lake on a weekend morning.  It was kind of sad.  There were a few dads with kids.  They all looked kind of lost.  I realized these are probably divorced dads who have the kids for the weekend, and want to do something fun, maybe something healthy with them, by coming to the lake and the playground.  But nobody seemed very happy.

I was glad at least the dads were trying to continue their role in their children's lives.  I remembered how important that had been when I was divorced.  I know how important that is now that one of my sons is divorced.  But it's a tough adjustment for both kids and dads.  Especially when they are on the receiving end of events that they didn't really have any decision in.  I think this stage of life for both of these groups of people need more support and understanding.

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