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Friday, February 7, 2014

An artist, a friend

Brad Stroman is a painter.  In Black Mountain, NC

Here's his new studio, and invite to come see it.

Just a reminder that my informal drop-in open house will be this coming weekend (Feb 8,9) from 1 to 5 each afternoon. Drop by if you're in the Black Mountain area for some light refreshments, see the new studio, talk with me and preview some new works just finished. Since my new studio is a 'by appointment only' kinda place now, this will be one of those rare times that the door will be wide open and I'll be wearing a smile.
Zen Crow Studio, 5 Sandy Branch, Black Mountain, NC

 And here's a sample of his work.

Lighter Than a Feather, by Brad Stroman


  1. Yet another reason to regret not living in your part of the world. That gallery looks wonderfully inviting.

  2. I love his painting (or whatever it is.) Great name for a studio too.

  3. trompe-l'œil which I cannot say with a straight face, because I tend to spit and sputter when trying to say it. Gorgeous isn't it?

  4. I'm going to go over to Brad's studio today. It's on my list with the BMCA studio, the cat food purchase, and the water filter can guess which place I'll enjoy most!


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