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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mineral mine

OK, this is the new kid in town (Black Mountain, that is).  A mining tourist stop...much like those in the area around Spruce Pine, NC.  This mine will let you have a bucket of rocks to see if you can get any gems out of it.  The little store has lots of fun things too, like metal detectors.  Hey, we needed someplace like that in our town.  Everyone does, don't they?


  1. A friend and I took our young kids (this was long ago) to one of these. The kids got bored after the first fifteen minutes but my friend and I became obsessed with trying to find a gem. Bucket after bucket did we search,,, and found a few smallish garnets -- not worth having polished. But the thrill of the case was incredible!

  2. But please, not in my back yard. We used to take the kids to those and it was great fun for them. Rather cheap entertainment.


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