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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Construction across the street

Ever notice how your life gets turned upside down by events over which you have no control?

Sure, whether it's the people you work for or with, or the environment you live's always in flux.

So a few days ago, things started happening to the lot and old house across the street on the corner.  Finally.  My friends and neighbors have long been tired of looking at the empty garage, without any doors, which my living room and front door look out onto.  Not to mention the overgrown nature center of a yard.

 Not much chain saw noise that I noticed.  And right in front of the house's porch, the little front loader (or whatever it's proper name) with a shovel claw, went to town on the extra bushes.  The part of the lot closest to my street has just been grass for the whole time.

The car you see in it's carport is on the next lot past the house.  In the picture above you can see a brown outbuilding at the rear of the old house.  It's gone now.  And so is a room which had been added to the back of the house.  Several huge bins of waste have been hauled away.  There's an electrical pole on the lot, forcasting some work to be done with drills or something.

 And there's now plastic over the openings where the room had been, so maybe weather won't get into the main house.  It might mean it's going to be rennovated.  Don't hold your breath.  But this is the most promising that has yet happened here...lots of guys with trucks and tools...and they've cleared out the garage of all it's junk.  And the real proof they are serious, a port-a-potty.


  1. Wow - keep us updated on the work they're doing!

  2. LoL porta potty ..yep something big is about to happen .. :-)


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