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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tailgate season over

The music was right there, where you entered or left the market area.

(also right next to the Mudbuddies booth the first red one)

The vendors have gotten to know each other pretty well after spending 26 weeks every Saturday morning together.  (Except us Mudbuddies, who share our duties between the 5 of us, with 2 on duty each week.)

We are such a community, a newcomer to the area (not pictured here) has been spending several hours each Saturday getting to know the vendors.  I can think of other ways to meet people, but it's alright with me!

 The aliens haven't landed, but these are yard lights, with a solar-powered light at the top of the glass art...which is glued together (plumbers glue) and on a stick in the ground.  I'll post a picture of my new one after dark soon.


  1. So many fun, community events where you live! Love that glass art.

  2. Looking forward to viewing your solar art fixture when it is dark. Nice photos showing your community affair. -- barbara


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