When I Was 69

When I Was 69
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Air travel

Dawn at airport in Hartford, CT.  Everything was blurry at that time of day for me!

Hurry up and wait, we sat for half an hour watching dawn at the end of an empty runway
 Traffic patterns were busy somewhere else, so our plane which was 3 minutes late leaving the gate missed a window of opportunity.  Yes, I slept some of the trip!
As we descended to Atlanta airport, there was an identical plane parallel to us off the right wing.

we couldn't see the ground yet, but there was another plane full of people right over there.  I wonder if any of them looked out and saw us.  Notice that we were losing altitude faster than they were at this point.

Suddenly we could see I-75 and various industries...not far from the runway now!

 I have no idea how many runways there are, but this wasn't the one we landed on...obviously

 The moment of touchdown!
 Then a long waiting line, and taxiing around miles of these paths to the correct (and furthest away, of course) terminal.
 And after rushing through a concourse pulling my luggage on wheels, finding a bathroom, turning when I came out and walking the wrong direction at least the length of a football field, then turning around to find the long escalator to the trains, taking a train for 2 stops to another terminal, going up another long escalator, sitting at the tiny waiting area at the correct gate only to find that they've changed the gate number, and finally getting on a tiny plane to Asheville, NC, I took off for home.

Good bye to Atlanta airport!

Quote for today:

Make your very presence a creative expression.  

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