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When I Was 69
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Black Mountain is white this morning

Spirit house full of snow, Feb 26, 8 am

I didn't step outside, but a bird or something knocked a bit of the snow off the porch rail already.  Below is the same view last night when snow had just begun falling.
Streaks on the right are actually snow falling Wed. Feb 25 around 7 pm

Tues Feb 24, 215 side yard
This shot above is through the window from Tues. snow.  Most of this snow had melted by Wed. the 25th

 The snow was falling like crazy last night, but you can't see it in this shot of my cherry tree.

The Cherry Tree, Feb 26 morning at 8 am
I'm sorry to say, this beautiful whiteness will probably be mostly gone by noon when 40 degrees is forecast here. (Those who are driving will be glad I know.  But schools are closed, the kids who are home will have to enjoy it just this morning.)

Quote for today:

How we attach meaning to events in our lives has a large influence on the quality of our life.


  1. Really pretty snowy photos! I like how they look through your window.

  2. It's been pretty and good for pictures (love your shots of icicles on evergreens!) but I am so OVER snow...and winter too.

  3. I am interested in your spirit house. i will have to watch and see if you tell more about it in the future. I am reaching my tolerance point of this snow. Our snow has been on the ground for a month and now more is coming.


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