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Friday, February 6, 2015

Finding the Ducks

A few weeks ago I met in person a man who has long been a source of great information here in Black Mountain.  Jim Polling leads wildflower walks as well as bird walks in our nearby woods...but I've never made it to one yet.  Sleeping-in most mornings is my excuse.

And he told me the Mandarin Ducks were up at Lake Susan now.  I used to see them at Lake Tomahawk.  So I took Sunday afternoon to drive the couple of miles up to Montreat, NC, and was the only one walking around the windy cold lake.  But there were ducks over on the opposite shore.

As I walked around the lake, the ducks moved into the middle of the lake.  They weren't eager for a picture, apparently.  I tried lots of zooms, and got a few shots.  Nothing like what I hoped for.

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  1. Ducks around here have a knack for doing the same thing to me! Especially the Loons. They just keep diving and popping up further out, just out of camera range!

    1. I don't think we ever get Loons. But there are some diving type ducks...I'll have to check to see what they are.

  2. You will have to return when it is warmer and the ducks will be more friendly.

    1. Yes, but these ducks are only around during the winter. Maybe they'll still be here for spring, though!


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