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When I Was 69
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Monday, February 16, 2015

More construction shots

First the old house was rennovated...

Then the father's house was laid out with a slab...taking the space that used to be grass and woods
I wish I had a penny for all the trucks and workers that have been across the street from me in the last year. As well as all those who just stop by to use the Porta-potty (green in the corner right outside my living room windows)

Some days it was kind of interesting to watch what workmen were doing, as I sat at my keyboard looking from the front of my house.
Roof is on, a plumbing truck was delivering fixtures last week, and windows and some doors are in.

In my opinion this is a monstrous building which looms over all the other houses in the neighborhood.


  1. It will look better when they cover up all the writing on the walls. It does take a lot of visual space away from the neighborhood.

  2. Barbara -- your reporting of the property across from you seems to be an example of scraping rather than rehab. They, the owners, are reaching for that "mcmansion" ideal that is so popular in older neighborhoods. I was born in a family home that was located in a quaint neighborhood in Michigan. The homes were mostly from the 20s through the 30s. Lovely large trees enveloped the streets. Then when this "mcmansion" ideal came about say in about the last 20 years or so these neighborhoods were scraped of these quaint homes and the huge homes infiltrated. Its a sad situation to see. My birth home is now one of those huge homes. This so called upgrading is a testimony to the hubris of home ownership. Larger is better is their mantra.-- barbara


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