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When I Was 69
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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Birthday Thoughts (after)

Did you notice I've turned 76? And changed the title of this blog, but actually I'm switching to this one, and keeping the posts from "When I was 69" under that title.  Otherwise, nobody can search for that title if I just change it.  Duh.

So moving forward from here...

I'll be doing house things today as I recover.

I drove back home yesterday afternoon and night. I've got lots of the settling back in things to do of course.  And I need to make myself take it easy.  My birthday night was horrific.

I came down with chills and fever as I went to bed.  I kept thinking, I'll be asleep and this will pass.  But what happened was many trips to the bathroom, and finally waking Martha to get some Tylenol.  That helped me sleep from 3:30 to 8 am, but I couldn't look at coffee.  I had some tea, then went back to sleep.  Later I got up for half a cup of yogurt, then back to sleep.  Basically at 4 :30 pm I decided to get up and pack up,  So by 6 I was on the road.  Easy driving on a Friday evening (avoiding big cities by driving through a few small towns.)

But let me rewind a bit, and remember the good times of my visit with Martha.

Martha petting Sable, while Sabrina enjoys her lap.

She fed me very well, and when she didn't cook, we went out to eat, and paid "dutch."  Some of the restaurants were great, some just ok.  We traveled one day to Seagrove to see potters and pottery.  We spent one day in a library and court house museum, checking up on ancestors and the history of the place she now lives.

There was a lot of rain the first day of my visit, so we probably stayed in the living room with our laptops looking for ancestors we have in common.  I found another one leading back to Charlemagne on the Rogers tree.  Or at least to William the Conqueror.

I'll give more info and photos soon!

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  1. Sorry you got so sick but glad you got to enjoy your time with Martha for the most part. That is a real nice photo of Martha and Sable.


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