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When I Was 69
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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hello World!

I finally got out of bed without a fever, and with an appetite.  This bug has kept me fasting for 6 days...though I nibbled this and that...but the fever kept coming on and on.

So I'm glad to be back among the living again!

Catch up? I don't think that will ever happen.  But I can slowly move into the new space and time that is mine to do with as I choose.

So I'm very grateful for the attention of my local doctor.  I saw his Physician's Assistant twice already this week, and will see her again Fri. morning.  And she's provided me with drugs, as well as soothing words.  But the fever was really strong and wouldn't go down for love nor money...nor tylenol nor ibuprofen.

But my main thought today is how each symptom is being treated, with this drug or another.  Yet I'm full of different symptoms having to do with the different functions of my body.  It' got to be connected somehow.  I've always seen "side-effects" of drugs, which often didn't have a thing to do with what was being treated.

But I really wish someone would be able to treat a WHOLE ME.  I think there are some who do that, and I'm going to investigate it further.  It just makes sense than continual coughing and needing to clear my lungs of very thick mucous might have something to do with irritable bowel where there's too much fluid, and the opposite of what's happening in my lungs.  ???

So the Medical people just smile when I suggest that.  But hey, I may have hit on a new specialty...pulmonary-gastroenterology.

For now, I hope I can at least do some laundry soon!  That my big goal for this week.
See you in the funny papers...

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  1. Oh, Barb, so sorry for your troubles. The human body is such a mystery -- and seemingly more so as we age. Patch, patch, patch. I hope you can find some solutions.


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